Multiple Evaluation Accounts

Can I have multiple evaluation accounts?

Yes, you can have up to 3 evaluation accounts simultaneously.

How many funded accounts can I have?

You can be funded on up to 3 accounts at the same time using the same email address. Please note that only one of these accounts can be an Express Funding account at a given time.

How can I manage multiple accounts?

Traders can conveniently access and manage multiple accounts concurrently through NinjaTrader or Rithmic’s R|Trader Pro without switching between accounts.

Traders can analyze and execute trades on a single chart while seamlessly replicating them across multiple accounts via a trade copier.

What are the restrictions on multiple accounts?

-Each user is permitted to have only one Rithmic User ID linked to an email address.

-Users can have no more than 3 active evaluation accounts at any time.

-Users can have no more than 3 active funded accounts at any time.

-Users are not permitted to have multiple email addresses linked to multiple Rithmic user IDs.

-Creating multiple subscriptions using more than one email address to obtain multiple Rithmic user IDs is strictly prohibited.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING TRADE COPIERS: OneUp Trader neither endorses nor is affiliated with any trade copier vendor. OneUp Trader will not be liable for any copier's usage, performance, or technical support. Users are solely responsible for managing multiple accounts under their UserID/email address.

Are there any eligibility criteria for funding?

Yes, all accounts must meet the eligibility criteria for funding. See here.

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