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Can I trade the news during the evaluation?

There are no restrictions on trading the news during the evaluation. This is different once you get funded. For major economic releases, Funded Traders must be flat one minute before, during, and after a corresponding major economic release.

Can I trade Micros?

Yes, you can trade micros from our permissible products. There are no special rules for Micros on the Evaluation, as we're only testing them with our Funding partners to decide whether we keep them or not. Once you are Funded, these rules change. 

During the Evaluation, Micros have a limited amount of contracts depending on the account size; for example, On the $50,000 account, you can trade a maximum of 6 contracts at any given time; on the $100,000 account, you can trade 12 contracts maximum at any given time, and so on.

On the Funded Trading account, you may trade up to 10x micro contracts for 1 standard contract upon request from your funding provider. For example, on the $50,000 account, you can request to trade up to 60 micro contracts of MNQ instead of 6 standard contracts of NQ. Note that you must still adhere to the dynamic scaling rule regardless of which contract type you are trading.

Commissions for Micros are set to $2 Round Turn (RT) during the Evaluation, however, they drop during the Funded Trading account to $1.20 RT.

While funded, can I withdraw my profits during the 90 probationary days?

Absolutely yes! As a funded trader, you enjoy  FREE Unlimited Profit withdrawals from day one once the withdrawal threshold is reached! You can withdraw a minimum of $1000; there are no maximum limits, and requests are processed the same day.

For example. On Day 1, the $100,000 account has accumulated $7,500 in profits, the threshold is $3,500 meaning the trader is eligible for a withdrawal of $4,000!

Is there is maximum withdrawal amount?

No, there is no maximum withdrawal limit once you get funded and accumulate profit in your funded account. 

Is there a daily loss limit amount on the accounts?

No, there is no daily loss limit amount on both the evaluation and funded accounts. Trade with complete freedom and maximize your profit potential.

Which payout methods are available after getting funded?

Withdrawals can be processed via Bank Wire or Cryptocurrency.  You may request a withdrawal any time between Monday and Friday and may post to your account within 1-2 business days (Refer to your banking institution for posting times).

Does the trailing drawdown stop trailing up?

The trailing drawdown will stop increasing/trailing once it reaches the initial account balance. This is one advantage you’ll have with us that you won’t see in other companies. The Trailing Drawdown trails with the account balance, and it is calculated in real-time and includes simulated commissions and fees. Whenever the account balance has a new all-time high, the trailing drawdown will also trail/increase the same amount until it reaches the initial account balance, and then it stops trailing.

Is the consistency rule difficult to achieve, and will I be disqualified if I do not reach it?

Not at all.  Most traders easily achieve the consistency rule without any problems. Also, you must know that this rule applies during the evaluation period only and not to funded accounts. The consistency rule is a fair and simple rule to follow.  

The funding partners basically do not want traders trading in an erratic and inconsistent manner. They basically do not want to fund traders who make $10,000 in profits in just 2 minutes trading a news event and then scalp the rest of the evaluation days. 

You must demonstrate the ability to trade in a consistent and regular trading pattern. Traders must have any 3 trading days’ net profits total summed up to 80% or more of the largest day’s net profit.

Can I get funded from the 7-day free trial?

You cannot get Funded on the 7-day free trial account. The free trial is not monitored in any way, it is for you to accommodate yourself with our rules and parameters before you decide to proceed with the Evaluation account. 

The first step to getting Funded is to enter the Trading Evaluation program. It’s a real-time trading evaluation program designed to showcase your abilities. You can trade, track, measure, and share your progress to ensure you’re on the right track for funding.  Successfully complete the evaluation, and you will be fully funded with an account of the same size as your evaluation.

Do I need exactly 15 trading days to be eligible for funding?

Not at all; 15 trading days is the  minimum you need to be eligible for placement with our funding partners. However, these 15 days are not the maximum limit; you can continue trading until you reach that profit target, even if it’s 5 months. Billing recurs every 30 days.

Is OneUp Trader a funding company?

OneUp Trader is not a Funding company but a Recruitment company for traders who would like to get funded. We are the simplified gateway for traders to get funded. Once you complete the Evaluation, you will receive a Funded trading account with one of our Funding Partners.

Should I reach my profit target more than once?

That is incorrect. Your required profit target is based on the account you choose.  It is the minimum amount of net profits needed for placement with our funding partners. It is not a daily or weekly profit target but an overall profit target for the duration of your Evaluation.

Does my monthly subscription renewal reset my Account Balance?

Your monthly renewal DOES NOT reset your account balance. All your trade history, executions, and days traded continue beyond your renewal date, and no new accounts get reset. You can reset your balance whenever you want for $100 if you’ve violated any of the rules.  Simply log into your dashboard and click "Reset My Balance" and you're all set. This will reset your starting balance and evaluation rules. You can also start a new evaluation account by logging into your dashboard. Account resets are processed immediately and may take up to 30 mins to reflect in your account.

How many contracts can I trade in one trading session? 

During the Evaluation, you can use all the maximum contracts allotted in your account size. There is no daily, weekly, or monthly limit. Example: If you have a Max Position Size of 5, you may Long 3 contracts of CL (Crude Oil) and Short 2 ES (E-Mini S&P)

When you get funded, that's when you need to adhere to the Dynamic Scaling Target.

Which payment methods do you support?

We accept payments for the evaluation accounts via credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).

Do I have to pay for the Data after getting funded?

No, the data is completely FREE even after being funded.

Do I need to pay platform fees?

You can use R|Trader Pro, which is powered by Rithmic (our data feed provider), entirely for FREE on both the Evaluation and Funded Accounts. We also offer a free NinjaTrader license key which can be used during the Evaluation period. This free license key can also be used on the NinjaTrader Desktop Version V.8.1 once Funded. 

As a funded trader, the fees of the trading platform are the sole responsibility of the trader. It is the duty of the trader to cover all costs related to the use of trading platforms.

You may use any platform that supports Rithmic connection.

What documents are required once I am Funded?

You are required to submit any valid form of government-issued ID (National Identification Card/Passport/Drivers license/Etc.) Please ensure that it has a valid expiration date and clearly shows your Date of Birth.

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