What are the rules of the Evaluation?

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Trading Days

You must trade a minimum of 15 trading days to be eligible for placement with our funding partners. Holidays and Weekends are not included. 

Permitted Products

Trade permitted products: 6A 6B 6C 6E 6J 6S CL E7 ES GC GE HE LE NG NKD NQ QG QM UB YM ZB ZC ZF ZL ZM ZN ZS ZT ZW MES MNQ and many more.

Permitted Times

All positions MUST be closed by 3:15 PM CT.  Trading day starts at 5:00 PM CT and ends at 3:15 PM CT (not including holidays and weekends).  No open positions or trading between 3:15 PM CT and 5:00 PM CT.

Max Position Size

Your maximum position size is based on the account size you choose, and this is the maximum allowable open positions across all products at any given time.

Profit Target

Your required profit target is based on the account you choose. It is the minimum amount of net profits needed for placement with our funding partners.

Trailing Drawdown

Do not allow your Account Balance to hit or exceed this amount. The Trailing Drawdown will increase a defined distance as your account balance increases.


Traders must demonstrate the ability to trade in a consistent and regular trading pattern throughout the entire Evaluation.

Traders must have three (3) other best trading days' net profits total summed up to equal 80% or more of the largest day's net profit.

Consistency example:

BEST TRADING DAY: $1,000 (net after commissions).
80% of the Largest trading day = $800 (The total sum of three (3) other best trading days' must be equal to or greater than the best day).


Trading Day 4 - 2nd Best Trading Day: $400 (net after commissions).
Trading Day 9 - 3rd Best Trading Day: $300 (net after commissions).
Trading Day 15 - 4th Best Trading Day: $240 (net after commissions).
$400 + $300 + $240 = $940 (Over $800). 

The consistency can also be completed within two (2) days.

For example:
Largest trading day = $1,000
2nd largest day = $800

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