How do I get started?

To get started, the only step you need to take is to enter our Trading Evaluation Program. This program is designed to evaluate your trading abilities in real-time. You can track your progress and use this information to ensure you're on the right track for funding. If you successfully complete the evaluation, you will receive a funded trading account with one of our partners.

We also offer a free 7-day trial of one of our 100k accounts. This trial is designed to help you get used to our rules and parameters and is not monitored in any way. It is for you to accommodate yourself with our rules and parameters before you decide to proceed with the Evaluation account. After the trial, you can purchase any of our accounts. If you're comfortable with our process, you can upgrade to our evaluation accounts anytime during or after the trial. 

Once you have signed up, we will send you all the information you need to connect and set up your trading platform, including your User ID and Password.

If you still need to be ready to be evaluated for funding, we recommend you get started with the Free 7-day Trial Practice Account. Learn more about the rules here.

Please note that some geographical restrictions exist. You will see a pop-up option after you have created an account if your country is not eligible. 

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