Account Fees

Trading Platform

As a funded trader, the use of trading platform fees is the sole responsibility of the trader.  It is the duty of the trader to make sure and cover all costs relating to the use of a trading platform.  However, you can use Rithmic R|Trader Pro and NinjaTrader Desktop (V.8.1) for FREE once funded. 

Note that the free license NinjaTrader license key that we offer can only be used on the NinjaTrader Desktop Version V.8.1 once Funded. You may be required to have a licensed version of NinjaTrader once funded for lower versions of Ninja Trader.

Exchange Data Fees

All funded traders are NOT responsible for exchange fees and these fees are covered by the funding partners. 

The current allowed exchanges are included free of charge for Funded Traders by the funding partners and they are as follows:

CME products
CBOT products
NYMEX products
COMEX products

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