Funded Trader Rules

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  • Trade only allowed instruments during permitted times.
  • Do not allow your Account Balance to touch or go beyond the Trailing Drawdown.
  • Follow the Dynamic Scaling Targets.
  • All positions must be closed prior to and during major economic releases.
  • Must maintain a minimum weekly total trade execution of no less than 50% of the average number of trades successfully completed on the evaluation. Trading volume is calculated and assessed on a weekly basis at the end of that trading week.  Average weekly trading volume execution calculations do not include CME holidays and will be prorated for those weeks.  Must notify and request account hold approval from funding partner for extended inactivity requests.
  • Must have a positive net PnL greater than the initial starting balance at the end of 15 calendar days and in subsequent 15 calendar day intervals – Rule only applies during the initial 90-day probationary period, starting from the account's first trading day. Discretionary warnings are issued if the account balance is below the initial starting balance. 

Trading activities (including, but not limited to Micro scalping, High-Frequency Trading, Latency arbitrage, Tick scalping, etc.) with a duration of less than 10 seconds; and/or that take advantage of market data inefficiencies/errors are strictly prohibited by our funding partners.

* Failure to abide by the above rules will risk your account being terminated.

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