Quantower Connection Guide

Step 1. Platform Subscription Information

You are required to have a personal license key for QUANTOWER in order to use the platform.

License keys can be purchased via this link:  Quantower Pricing

Step 2. Complete RITHMIC Market Data Agreements

Please start with Step 1 before contacting Support. Your QUANTOWER connection will not work until you sign the CME agreements via R-Trader.

You must first download Rithmic R | TRADER in conjunction with any other platform you may use.
  • Use the following link to download and install R|Trader Software: R|Trader
  • Once installed, a new window will come up, enter your OneUp Trader account username and password in the appropriate fields
  • "Username" (USER ID - found in your welcome email)
  • "Password" (found in your welcome email)
  • “System” dropdown menu, select “Rithmic Paper Trading”
  • “Gateway” dropdown menu, If you are in the USA then select CHICAGO, if you are in Europe then select EUROPE or FRANKFURT, and if you are in Asia you will want to select TOKYO or SINGAPORE
  • When you connect, you have 2 CME GROUP Documents that you need to agree to.
  • Document 1: Click "I Agree" in the first one
  • Document 2: select either “Non-Professional” or “Professional” and then "Submit". Please note if you are a professional, OneUp Trader will have to invoice the exchange fee difference monthly to your card on file for the evaluation($405 for all four exchanges). If you are a professional user and are netted with the exchange, please let us know so we can kindly pass that on to our ISV.
  • Non-Professional - All regular market data included in your evaluation
  • Professional- CME-$105, CBOT-$105, NYMEX-$105, COMEX-$105
Important Note: If your username/password doesn’t work, try to COPY and PASTE it from your login email.

Step 3. QUANTOWER Connection Setup

To configure the Rithmic connection to the QUANTOWER platform:

  • Open connection manager in QUANTOWER, select Rithmic and specify the type of connection ("Demo" / Real).

  • Enter your login and password
  • "Username" (USER ID - found in your welcome email)
  • "Password" (found in your welcome email)
  • Click Connect

If necessary, the server can be changed in the connection settings. By default, the Rithmic Paper Chicago server is set for demo accounts and the Rithmic Aurora Chicago server is set for real accounts.

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