Is there an age requirement?

Yes, traders must be of legal age, over the age of 18 years old.

Is there a geographical restriction?

Yes. Not all users will qualify for an account with OneUp Trader, certain geographic restrictions apply. Please refer to the sign-up page for more details if your geographic location qualifies.  If your country and/or state is visible, then you qualify.

Are commissions and fees factored into the Evaluation?

Simulated commissions and fees are $2.50/side. Commissions and all other fees(exchange, routing, and NFA fees) are factored in on all simulated accounts during the evaluation. Your Net P&L is what we use to determine your funding eligibility.

What happens if I hit or exceed the Daily Loss Limit?

Your positions may be automatically flattened by our algorithms (Depending on market volatility and speed of orders) and any further trading for the day will be halted once you exceed your daily loss limit and your account will be prevented from placing any new trades until the start of the next trading day (5 PM CT).  We enforce this to protect you from yourself and to give you a chance from having one bad day ruining your evaluation.

How to Submit for Review

If you have completed the Evaluation Objective, please email our evaluation team at

How to Reset

You may reset this account at any time for $100 by clicking on the “Reset” button in the member's area. This will reset your balance and give you a fresh start for the remainder of your evaluation but will not affect your trial