Max Position Size

The Max Position Size is the maximum allowable open positions at any given time.

Example: If you have a Max Position Size of 5, you may be long 3 CL (Crude Oil) and Short 2 ES (E-Mini S&P)

Daily Loss Limit (Does not eliminate your account from funding)

Your Net P&L cannot hit or exceed this amount in any trading day (5:00 PM CT-3:15 PM CT).  Your positions may be automatically flattened by our algorithms (Depending on market volatility and speed of orders) and any further trading for the day will be halted once you exceed your daily loss limit and your account will be prevented from placing any new trades until the start of the next trading day (5 PM CT).  We enforce this to protect you from yourself and to give you a chance from having one bad day ruining your evaluation.

Example: in a $100,000 Evaluation, the Daily Loss Limit is considered to be triggered when your day's PnL hits or exceeds -$2,500

Trailing Drawdown

1. The Trailing Drawdown will increase a defined distance as your account balance increase.

2. The Trailing Drawdown is calculated in Real-Time during your trading day.

3. If your balance decreases, then your Trailing Drawdown does not change.

You may monitor your Trailing Drawdown in Rithmic under Auto Liquidate Threshold Value.

Once your Trailing  Drawdown reaches your initial starting balance, then it won’t change for the rest of your evaluation.  Should you hit or exceed this value, then your Evaluation Account will not be eligible for funding. The Trailing Drawdown is calculated in real-time during your trading session and it includes simulated commissions and fees.


Profit Target

The profit target is the minimum amount of net profit that is needed to be considered for a funded account.


In order to allow a true chance for success and be guaranteed placement with a funding partner and more importantly to secure the longevity of your trading account, traders must demonstrate the ability to execute trades consistently.  The funding partners basically do not want traders trading in erratic and inconsistent trading behavior. The funding partners do not want to fund traders who made $10,000 profits in 2 minutes trading a news event and then scalp the rest of the evaluation days.

Traders must have any 3 trading days' net profits total summed up to equal 80% or more of the largest day's net profit.

Consistency Example:

BEST TRADING DAY: $1,000 (net after commissions)

80% of Largest trading day = $800 (Total Sum of your next 3 best trading days must be equal to or greater than this value)


Trading Day 4 - 2nd Best Trading Day: $400 (net after commissions)

Trading Day 9 - 3rd Best Trading Day: $300 (net after commissions)

Trading Day 15 - 4th Best Trading Day: $240 (net after commissions)


$400 + $300 + $240 = $940 (Over $800)